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An article by NBC2 titled ?Toxic ?dripping? latest trend for teens? is such an article using emotion and poor research to flesh out an article on the fad of dripping amongst teenagers Beginning with the line ?Your child could be dripping ? and it?s extremely dangerous? the article does its best to incite panic amongst its readers that vaping is a harmful thing to do Using quotes from a doctor who makes non-committal statements such as ?could increase the chance? and ?maybe see more? is a good indication of the strength behind the case it?s trying to put forward In addition to this the writer of the article includes just one doctor?s opinion on a scientific topic and then includes quotes from mothers of local children who understandably are expressing concern on a topic they know nothing about

When it comes to convincing experts (or in the case of politicians experts) you?ll want to bring out the big guns Vapers have a variety of major literature reviews that look at lots of evidence and conclude that vaping is much safer than smoking Here are some of the best:

Fake news is usually written in a way that deliberately avoids explicitly defining the finer details of the topic of the article For example The Ashtray Blog points to an article on the prevalence of dripping amongst teenagers which not only used false figures but also did ?everything they could to make dripping sound like a form of drug abuse [whilst] every piece of coverage did a monumentally awful job of explaining what dripping actually is? This type of evasion is typical of biased reporting which tries its best to avoid facts and figures that don?t support the view it?s trying to put forward Another typical tactic is using evasive language to say something without explicitly stating it eg using words such as ?could?

The researchers recruited participants from Greater London by placing advertisements in newspapers and online posters in pharmacies and though marketing companies

Is vaping dangerous? Every day we see the stories in newspapers and on television about vaping health risks Usually they?re centered on the study du jour Maybe it?s a chemical today Yesterday it was exploding batteries Last week it was the increase in teenage vaping Next month some new vaping danger will grab the headlines But what is the reality? Do the risks of vaping outweigh the rewards?

In their wound-healing form fibroblasts at the edges of a cut will shrink This causes the wound to close up This squeezing or contraction of the skin takes a lot of energy Fortunately fibroblasts are powered by cellular engines Called mitochondria (My-toh-KON-dree-uh) these tiny powerhouses turn food (sugar) into fuel

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