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Use these resources for education Most people simply don?t know much (or anything) about vaping All they know is what they see in the popular press and on television and social media It?s not their fault We can?t expect everyone to be an expert of everything But we need to gain their support

Remember that the most important point: even though vaping may have some minor risks the benefits of quitting smoking are so large they dwarf the potential for harm No matter what remote dangers appear in small-scale studies with limited samples vaping is far safer than smoking

The volunteers completed questionnaires and provided breath saliva and urine samples The researchers found significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals and cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) in the samples of those of former smokers who had been using e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)compared to current smokers

Another noted result is that current smokers who may be trying to reduce their risk of harm by switching between e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes may be saving money but doing little for their health Combination users still had very high levels of toxins and carcinogens

And that?s why Rahman now hopes to compare rates of wound healing in people who vape to rates in those who don?t For now however he?s worried that what he saw in the lab may indeed mimic risks to people

Over the past few months research has turned up evidence that vaping can pose many brand new risks The vapors mess with immunity some studies show Smoker?s cough and bloody sores have begun showing up in teen vapers The hotter a vaped liquid gets the harsher its effects on human cells And a relatively new vaping behavior called dripping ups the heat This threatens to intensify a teen?s risks from those vapors

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