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Fibroblasts make up the connective tissues that keep organs in place But when injured these cells morph into wound-healers If you cut your hand fibroblasts are the guys that are going to come in and help heal it explains Rahman

E-cigarettes are designed for users to inhale nicotine without most of the harmful effects of smoking There has been much discussion over the benefits of vaping over conventional smoking methods and this is the first long-term study assessing these effects

Is vaping dangerous? Every day we see the stories in newspapers and on television about vaping health risks Usually they?re centered on the study du jour Maybe it?s a chemical today Yesterday it was exploding batteries Last week it was the increase in teenage vaping Next month some new vaping danger will grab the headlines But what is the reality? Do the risks of vaping outweigh the rewards?

In their wound-healing form fibroblasts at the edges of a cut will shrink This causes the wound to close up This squeezing or contraction of the skin takes a lot of energy Fortunately fibroblasts are powered by cellular engines Called mitochondria (My-toh-KON-dree-uh) these tiny powerhouses turn food (sugar) into fuel

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and as with any new piece of technology has inspired its fair share of controversy Much of the bad press circulating around vaping is founded in the fact that not everything is known about the use of e-cigarettes However because of this fake news has sometimes found its way to the surface inciting panic about the safety of e-cigarette use Whatever your stance on vaping the dissemination of fake facts is harmful to any industry and vaping has seen an unfair backlash as a result of misleading statements and figures To shed light on this situation we?re comparing articles that are factual and informative against those that are simply misleading Read on to see our breakdown of what has a basis in fact and what is just hearsay

The researchers recruited participants from Greater London by placing advertisements in newspapers and online posters in pharmacies and though marketing companies

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