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We?ve got you covered! Here are some common topics seen in bad news stories on vaping and a study that addresses and refutes each one At the end is a group of literature reviews that answer all kinds of questions and make perfect links to include in e-mails to legislators and local council members

Another noted result is that current smokers who may be trying to reduce their risk of harm by switching between e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes may be saving money but doing little for their health Combination users still had very high levels of toxins and carcinogens

Students as young as 12 or 13 are now more likely to vape than to smoke Many are under the impression that because e-cigs don?t contain tobacco they pose little risk to health Wrong

Cells in the body face constant damage from foreign substances infections and injury Most times nothing bad happens to their host That?s because the body has a system in place to heal itself Most major organs have special cells ? fibroblasts (FY-broh-blasts) ? that repair damaged or injured tissue 

Hey there?s a study every week that shows something in vapor But many studies ? including this one from Dr Goniewicz and others ? have proven that the toxicants are at far far lower levels than those found in smoke

There?s some encouraging research out there that shows vaping is less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes and contains fewer dangerous toxins than regular cigarettes and so we?re optimistic Other early research found some have possible carcinogens and toxic chemicals in the vapor

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