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In their wound-healing form fibroblasts at the edges of a cut will shrink This causes the wound to close up This squeezing or contraction of the skin takes a lot of energy Fortunately fibroblasts are powered by cellular engines Called mitochondria (My-toh-KON-dree-uh) these tiny powerhouses turn food (sugar) into fuel

You need ammunition to fight back Most of those stories are based on a single poorly done study that proves nothing What if you had serious robust studies about every anti-vaping talking point that you could use to answer Aunt Ruth?

But it also makes clear that the e-cigarette users were formally smokers who only claimed to have finished smoking just six months previous to the study It seems quite unlikely that all the participants would have been able to quit cold turkey from smoking so abruptly when most e-cigarette converts get rid of cigarettes gradually For a detailed breakdown of the flaws in this report see our dedicated article: Vaping and Bladder Cancer ? The Latest Scare Story Explained

Among vapor store customers in the United States who use electronic nicotine delivery devices to stop smoking vaping longer using newer-generation devices and using non-tobacco and non-menthol flavored e-liquid appear to be associated with higher rates of smoking cessation wrote the authors

For a trustworthy overview of vaping this article is definitely one to consult It refers to a range of studies from reputable sources such as Public Health England and is unbiased in its approach It also directs the reader to resources to help them stop smoking and clearly states that ?there?s still as big misconception that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking?

One of the first things he notes is that the study only has a small amount of participants with 13 e-cigarette users being the maximum Usually this would be a sample number in order to begin a hypothesis Here however this is the maximum and final amount of e-cigarettes users examined meaning the researcher makes a generic statement for all e-cigarette users on the basis of only 13 people The study states that

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