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Fibroblasts make up the connective tissues that keep organs in place But when injured these cells morph into wound-healers If you cut your hand fibroblasts are the guys that are going to come in and help heal it explains Rahman

Researchers aimed to assess the effects of long-term use of non-combustible nicotine delivery ? that is NRT or e-cigarettes ? for a minimum of six months They compared:

We?ve got you covered! Here are some common topics seen in bad news stories on vaping and a study that addresses and refutes each one At the end is a group of literature reviews that answer all kinds of questions and make perfect links to include in e-mails to legislators and local council members

Fake news is usually written in a way that deliberately avoids explicitly defining the finer details of the topic of the article For example The Ashtray Blog points to an article on the prevalence of dripping amongst teenagers which not only used false figures but also did ?everything they could to make dripping sound like a form of drug abuse [whilst] every piece of coverage did a monumentally awful job of explaining what dripping actually is? This type of evasion is typical of biased reporting which tries its best to avoid facts and figures that don?t support the view it?s trying to put forward Another typical tactic is using evasive language to say something without explicitly stating it eg using words such as ?could?

Vapers inhale those same gases and particles into their lungs Rahman wondered what effects those vapors might have on cells there One gauge would be to test how long any lung-cell damage took to heal And his latest data confirm that e-cigarette vapors also make it hard for lung cells to repair damage

Every vaper has heard the maddening claim that candy and fruit flavors are aimed at children We know that adult vapers use flavors to get away from the experience of burning tobacco We know it because we?ve all experienced it!

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