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Electronic cigarettes produce high levels of aldehyde only in dry puff conditions in which the liquid overheats causing a strong unpleasant taste that e-cigarette users detect and avoid explained the scientists Under normal vaping conditions aldehyde emissions are minimal even in new-generation high-power e-cigarettes

Another reputable source is the BBC whose article ?More than half of UK vapers have given up smoking? addresses a few things such as the decrease in smokers in the UK alongside the rise of e-cigarette users They also state quite clearly that vaping is much less harmful than smoking ? a fact we?ve known for some time now The article is balanced and doesn?t scaremonger or present a bias towards either side of the for and against arguments For a more thorough breakdown see here

We know how you feel You pick up a newspaper turn on the TV check into Facebook?you know what?s lurking just ahead Stories designed to scare everyone about vaping Every day it?s something new

Is vaping dangerous? Every day we see the stories in newspapers and on television about vaping health risks Usually they?re centered on the study du jour Maybe it?s a chemical today Yesterday it was exploding batteries Last week it was the increase in teenage vaping Next month some new vaping danger will grab the headlines But what is the reality? Do the risks of vaping outweigh the rewards?

This included tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) which are one of the most important carcinogens in tobacco formed from nicotine They also looked at a class of toxins called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as acrylamide and cyanide-releasing acrylonitrile 

The title says the real dangers but we?ll also look at all the things people point at when they claim vaping poses risks which they do all the time Why are they so bothered? Well on a superficial level vaping looks like smoking and that?s enough to scare a whole lot of people Since there may be no real dangers let?s say we?re exploring the potential dangers of vaping

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