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An article by NBC2 titled ?Toxic ?dripping? latest trend for teens? is such an article using emotion and poor research to flesh out an article on the fad of dripping amongst teenagers Beginning with the line ?Your child could be dripping ? and it?s extremely dangerous? the article does its best to incite panic amongst its readers that vaping is a harmful thing to do Using quotes from a doctor who makes non-committal statements such as ?could increase the chance? and ?maybe see more? is a good indication of the strength behind the case it?s trying to put forward In addition to this the writer of the article includes just one doctor?s opinion on a scientific topic and then includes quotes from mothers of local children who understandably are expressing concern on a topic they know nothing about

Current smokers of combustible cigarettes only and current smokers also using NRT or e?cigarettes had similar levels of the tobacco-related toxins and carcinogens

Another source that?s just as ill-informed comes from a press release on a study concerning the bladder cancer risk that e-cigarettes pose An abstract piece of research this quickly gained global headline coverage because of the scaremongering way in which the research was carried out and then relayed Though we haven?t been able to find the actual study itself working from the insight of Dr Farsalinos of e-cigarette research reveals a few interesting facts

We?ve got you covered! Here are some common topics seen in bad news stories on vaping and a study that addresses and refutes each one At the end is a group of literature reviews that answer all kinds of questions and make perfect links to include in e-mails to legislators and local council members

The study was carried out by researchers from a number of institutions including University College London and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (both in the US) Funding was provided by Cancer Research UK

Farsalinos and Polosa concluded Currently available evidence indicates that electronic cigarettes are by far a less harmful alternative to smoking and significant health benefits are expected in smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes

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