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One of the first things he notes is that the study only has a small amount of participants with 13 e-cigarette users being the maximum Usually this would be a sample number in order to begin a hypothesis Here however this is the maximum and final amount of e-cigarettes users examined meaning the researcher makes a generic statement for all e-cigarette users on the basis of only 13 people The study states that

For a trustworthy overview of vaping this article is definitely one to consult It refers to a range of studies from reputable sources such as Public Health England and is unbiased in its approach It also directs the reader to resources to help them stop smoking and clearly states that ?there?s still as big misconception that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking?

There has been much discussion over the benefits of vaping over conventional smoking methods and this is the first long-term study assessing these effects In general the findings have been reported accurately in the UK media; however none of the limitations as described by the researchers themselves have been mentioned

The researchers conclude: Former smokers with long-term e-cigarette-only or NRT-only use may obtain roughly similar levels of nicotine compared with smokers of combustible cigarettes only but results varied Long-term NRT-only and e-cigarette-only use but not dual use of NRTs or e-cigarettes with combustible cigarettes is associated with substantially reduced levels of measured carcinogens and toxins relative to smoking only combustible cigarettes

Researchers aimed to assess the effects of long-term use of non-combustible nicotine delivery ? that is NRT or e-cigarettes ? for a minimum of six months They compared:

When Irfan Rahman talked to young vapers some complained of bleeding mouths and throats And these bloody sores seemed slow to heal Such reports concerned this toxicologist at the University of Rochester in New York So he decided to investigate what the vapors inhaled from electronic cigarettes might be doing to mouth cells

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